meet and show support to IDF SOLDIERS and paramedics, FACE TO FACE!

We Need Them!

listen to this idf warrior!

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They Need Us!

Help IDF Warriors Face to face!

Meeting our brave IDF warriors & paramedics face to face while they are on active combat patrol is an experience that stays with you and your family forever.


Only with the Goldstein Experience will you meet our warriors while they are on active duty and this is your chance to show them true face to face support and motivation.


This isn't a red carpet event, preplanned and rehearsed.

This isn't an army base visit with a BBQ and music.

This is a powerful, authentic and emotional experience with our beloved defenders of Israel while they are out on patrol, defending the Land we love.

and feel what true dedication, bravery and selfless giving is all about. 

You can bring the gear from the USA or Canada (if you are travelling from America) or we can buy it here from my gear supplier and help support a small business in Israel. Your choice! I will send you a list of EXACTLY what the soldiers, paramedics and civilian defenders of Judea and Samaria ask me for on a daily basis. I have been helping them all directly for the past 5 years daily. 

Help me with my daily mission to help them with theirs. 


Your family will be able to show your support directly to IDF combat soldiers, paramedics and Israeli security service members and give them much needed protective, safety and medical equipment and other items they sorely lack and desperately need. 


The IDF does its best to supply the soldiers with gear, but so much is still needed and requested daily by soldiers, paramedics and Israeli security service members directly to me, that we have to step up to make a difference together!

Book your IDF Soldier Experience today!

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