• Ben Goldstein

When Israel lives within you. Nov. 18. 21

I recently traveled to the USA on some quiet business and I couldn't help but feel like a fish out of water the moment I left Israel. The Land, the People, the Spirit, the Godliness, the Beauty from every angle both internal and external...I cant breathe without it. As I reach the age of 45, I realize that it may have taken me the majority of my adult life to find a path of light that revolves around Torah, Israel and Unity, but once seen and followed, it can't be unseen or unfollowed. The pure beauty within that emanates from the Land of Israel is like a beacon in the darkness. This light needs to be absorbed and reflected by all of us, every day, which, in truth, is our role as the Nation of Israel. To love Israel is beautiful. To live in Israel is a blessing and an eternal Godly covenant and promise. To have Israel as an integral part of your very being is to understand the importance of Israel to God and to all of us, as is clearly written all over the Torah, Prophets and Writings. I pray that we all can achieve and continue this level of commitment and love for Israel. Its our only path forward. God bless you, from Yehudah's Hills across from Bethlehem. Ben

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